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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Spirin and the Dugins

Another book haul that could not be avoided.

On a recent trip to Germany I had no choice but to pick up books by some fiercely talented artists.
What’s with all the Russians?! Unbelievable! And why do they all cater to my taste, a mystery! :o)

The first one is by well-known artist Gennardy Spirin
“The tale of the unicorn”
It combines 3 of my favourite things:
1. Unicorns (of course)
2. The artwork of Spirin (impossible!)
3. The writing of Otfried Preu├čler, a german children’s author (only a few of his books have been translated into English, check out “Krabat”).

Next a Russian Illustrators couple: Andrej and Olga Dugin.
They have created some – insert sufficiently impressive word – work!
They work individually and also collaborated on books, such as this one:
“The Dragonfeathers”

Have a look at their website


  1. I love Spirin. I have one of his prints hanging in my studio. You might check out "The Firebird" of my favorite stories. He does a beautiful job with it.

  2. I've just discovered your blog and am really enjoying your old posts. Are you writing elsewhere now or on FB/Instagram?